Meet Our Missionaries

Bryan & Mari Eygabroad  with MAF Ministries: 


Bryan and Mari Eygabroad were married in April, 2012. They now have a son, Matthias, who was born in October, 2013.  Bryan has been with MAF since 2008 and Mari was accepted in 2012.  Mari hopes to work with orphans and volunteer in the clinics helping people with injury recovery.  Her special verse is James 1:27.   
Bryan hopes to continue the work he has already been doing in Lesotho by living out Christ’s love in his work. Motivated by Romans 10:14-15, serving with MAF has been Bryan’s call since 2000.  They serve in Lesotho, Africa.

Eden House

Vern & Audrey McCauley with Eden House of Thailand:  Vern and Audrey McCauley were the founders of Eden House of Thailand.  They, along with Kim Matthews, now form a leadership team, serving as Directors of the ministry.  They currently have 32 girls actually at Eden house, and another 7 in  universities. During university, Eden House covers most of the girls’ expenses, but also asks them to start to be responsible for some things themselves.  They’ve had a total of about 47 girls.  Currently, the girls range in age from kindergarten to college. At the house, the oldest girl is a senior in high school.  At the present time, there are 3 additional American young ladies who are volunteering at Eden House and 7 Thai staff.  The vision for Eden House is to disciple within a family environment, and empower the girls to break the cycle of hopelessness, drugs, poverty, etc. Vern and Audrey want them to realize that they have value as daughters of the King.

Denise Johnson in Poland:  

Denise Johnson has been ministering in Central Europe and Poland since 1986.  What began as a twice-yearly trip to the region to encourage believers she had met on her first short-term missing trip, evolved over the next ten years. In 1996, she became a full-time resident missionary to Poland.  Denise is now the pastor of a church plant in a suburb of Krakow (Nowy Targ) that is registered under Church of God in Poland. Denise is called to be a person in whom Christ dwells, who exhibits His unfailing love & faithfulness, while making her home among the Polish people (based on John 1:14).