Covid-19 Re-launch Plan

Phase 2 has been approved for Snohomish County.  This is our plan for re-launching in person services, while following the Phase 2 Requirements for Religious and Faith-based Organizations. We are excited to be together again, while making plans methodically and carefully to keep everyone healthy.


We recognize that some in our church may have differing thoughts or preferences about the coronavirus and the precautionary measures we as individuals choose to take or not take, and we encourage everyone to respect those opinions without judging one another. We will not make anyone feel lesser or non-spiritual because they have a different approach. Attending church in person is not a sign of more spiritual maturity, godliness or commitment than the person who stays home, and staying home doesn’t mean that you were smarter or more caring than the person who attends in person. Having said that, we are taking necessary precautions and following state and local guidelines in making temporary changes to our services, and we kindly ask everyone to abide by them. 


Preparing for Phase 2

  • Online services: 10:00 AM 

  • In-Person worship service: 10:00 - 11:00 AM with attendance limited to fifty (not including staff/volunteers). 

  • The Hispanic service will start at 12:00 PM in the Landing and can end at Pastor Victor’s discretion.

  • Kids & students attend the main worship service (no nursery or Discovery Cove), and they will sit with their parent/parents together as a family. Children will be given activity packets including several activity sheets, a set of 4 crayons, a pencil and a clipboard. They may keep the activity sheets, crayons and pencils. The clipboards will be collected and sanitized for future use.


Building Preparations for a Safe & Healthy Experience

  • We have deep cleaned the entire church, shampooed the carpets, sanitized worship center chairs, disinfected surfaces, bathrooms, doorknobs and light switches.

  • We have posted signs about not shaking hands and hugging.


Steps toward Reopening

  • Face Masks are worn by all attendees and staff with the exception of those on the platform

  • Hand sanitizing stations in various key locations

  • Increase in cleaning and sanitizing of all areas being occupied in the church

  • Reduced room capacity – maximum of 50 people plus staff/leadership per service

  • Nothing shared between people – papers, pens or materials of any sort

  • We have developed an ongoing cleaning protocol once MFC starts meeting again

  • We will continue to encourage all individuals that are considered high risk, currently sick or hesitant to gather to continue to safely join us, online, for our weekly services

  • Asking attendees to self-check prior to attending a service, requiring all individuals with a fever, feeling under the weather or symptomatic stay home.


What You Can Expect Upon Returning to MFC

  • We have hand sanitizing stations available for convenient use inside the NW entrance facing Chennault Beach Rd., and the Landing entrance, as well as in the restrooms.

  • We will require attendees to bring and wear masks (masks will be provided to anyone who forgot to bring their mask)

  • We have temporarily eliminated handouts of any kind (programs, connection cards, pens)

  • We will prepare seating arrangements for family groups while maintaining proper social distancing guidelines

  • Families will be seated by group size, in order, starting with the front of the sanctuary and working our way to the back. No matter where you sit, we trust that you will have a positive and uplifting worship experience.

  • We have an offering box located near the back of the sanctuary and the Landing for collecting in-person tithes & offerings. Online giving through our Easy Tithe program/App is strongly encouraged.

  • We have put an RSVP sign-up process in place for each Sunday to ensure we don’t exceed the current guidelines laid out by the Governor and the CDC

  • Regardless of weather, we will prop open doors leading into the main sanctuary & The Landing, so that people do not have to touch door handles

  • The foyer and Kari’s Coffee Creations will be temporarily closed.

  • Those who have pre-arranged their RSVPs will be asked to arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before service

  • Those without an RSVP can check-in with a designated greeter, and if there are less than 50 people RSVP’d, they can be added to the RSVP list and attend the service.  at the curb where they will request their seat number and provide a cell phone. They will then need to wait in their vehicle until there is confirmation that there is space available. 

  • We will discourage shaking hands or hugging by posting signage regarding physical contact recommendations.

  • We will clear people from the building quickly, after service, and allow people to safely congregate outside in controlled numbers, but not inside in the foyer or elsewhere.

  • Restrooms will be limited to 2 people at a time.

  • Those attending the English service can use the main bathrooms in the hallway, and those attending the Spanish service can use the bathrooms in the Landing.


Thank you for bearing with us as we develop the best plan for Mukilteo Foursquare, as we move into Phase 2 as a county and a church. Our staff is working hard to get everything in place for us to begin having services again.